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History & Heritage:

SPX FLOW, Inc. spun-off from SPX Corporation in September 2015, allowing us to to pursue a more flow-focused strategy and further leverage our strengths.

We initially established a presence in flow-related businesses when we acquired Lightnin Mixers as part of the 1998 General Signal merger. In 2001, we added three more flow-related businesses, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell pumps and valves, Bran+Luebbe metering and dosing pumps, and Dollinger filtration products, through the acquisition of United Dominion Industries. The combination of these well-branded, highly engineered product lines created a solid foundation on which to build our flow business. Subsequent smaller acquisitions of Copes Vulcan, M&J Valve, Hankison and Johnson Pump broadened our product offerings and improved our organic growth profile. We consolidated these businesses under one management team, reduced our cost base and drove improved operational efficiencies through our lean philosophies. We also began selling complementary products as package solutions to expand our relevance to customers in three areas:

  • Process equipment focused on food and beverage and sanitary applications
  • Flow control products focused on power and energy market applications
  • Air treatment products and pumps focused on industrial applications.

By the end of 2007, annual revenue for our flow business had grown to more than $1.0 billion. At that point, we began to focus on expanding our international presence in select, attractive end markets. 

In December 2007, we acquired APV, a leading global supplier of process automation technologies for the dairy, foods, beverages, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. This acquisition significantly expanded our geographic presence and established a global platform in the food and beverage industry. Following a multi-year integration of APV into our flow business, several smaller acquisitions (Gerstenberg Schroeder, Anhydro, Seital, Murdoch and e&e) broadened our processing capabilities into discrete product categories such as butters, fats and oils, powdered products, coffee and extracts. Today, customers often look to us to design and construct a fully-integrated dairy factory. 

In December 2011, we acquired ClydeUnion Pumps which further expanded our geographic presence and established a global platform in the power and energy industry, including a global footprint of aftermarket service centers. Clyde Union has over 140 years of experience in pumping technologies and has a rich heritage of product brands. ClydeUnion was formed through the combination of Weir Pumps, a long-standing engineering company with roots dating back to 1871, and Union Pumps, owned previously by Textron. The joining of these companies brought together some of the most respected products, talent and brands in the pumping industry. 

ClydeUnion’s technologies are complementary to our legacy power and energy products. Today, our power and energy product offering includes a variety of critical pressure pumps, metering systems, dosing pumps, specialty valves and valve closures, chemical injection skids, filtration and air dehydration equipment.

At the end of 2013, we moved to a new operating alignment focused on managing our business strategy around three global end markets. This new operational alignment was the next significant step in the development of our flow business and has improved our operating efficiency and enhanced our customer focus by more closely aligning our organizational resources with our customers and end markets. It has also strengthened our foundation for future growth. 

In 2014, our segment income margins improved 210 points to 14.1 percent and in February 2015, we increased our long-term margin target to 14 - 16 percent. We believe we are in a strong position to leverage operational excellence, cost reduction initiatives and commercial synergies across our operations, and to drive further growth and increased shareholder value.