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Quiet Hydraulics Help Keep Class in Session

A university business administration building built in the mid-1970s had some structural problems. Back-fill had allowed a 2000 square-foot section of the slab to sink enough so that interior partition doors cracked, walls buckled and ceilings twisted.

The contractor used weighted Power Team® brand C256C hydraulic rams, driven by Power Team brand PQ603 pumps, to drive steel piers through the sinking back-fill and into the weathered shale subsurface below.

They then jacked the slab in stages, using 25 Power Team C256C, 25-ton hydraulic rams in groups of five in a "leap-frog" pattern. Each group used a Power Team P159 two-speed hand pump. The pumps were equipped with 9635 manifold blocks, 9575 valves and 9052 gauges to control the lift.

Permanent steel plates under the slab secured it to the piers. A cement and sand grout was pumped into the void. They then patched the 50 jack holes in the floor, leaving little evidence of the repairs. The quiet operation of the Power Team equipment minimized the disruption of classes in nearby rooms during the project.