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Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic Beverages

Seital centrifuges represent the best solution for the following functions:

  • Clarification of must, wine and sparkling wines
  • Clarification of wort and beer

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Must, wine and sparkling wine clarification

SE451EIV-Q3P2_Beverage-Brewery-Wine_Must_Tea_JuiceSPX FLOW Seital series clarifiers are equipped with a special soft inlet feeding system for gentle product handling in order to minimize turbulence and product damage. A special hydraulic sealing feature also minimizes oxygen pick up. Seital series clarifiers represent an excellent solution in the wine industry to help processors achieve high levels of clarification and maintain the desired characteristics and properties of wine, without product damage.

Must clarification

In juice processing, the capacity of the clarifier mainly depends on the separable solids content in the juice as well as the requested degree of clarification and on the maximum solids discharge capacity of the clarifier. The separable solids are generally evaluated with a lab centrifuge.

The accuracy and the speed of the sliding piston, the discharge frequency and the sludge chamber volume are the main characteristics of the clarifier in this process. An important role is also played by the disk stack clarification capacity in order to remove light and small particles from the product. The following accessories are recommended to obtain the best results, working in the necessary safety conditions:


Juice clarifiers
  • Electro-pneumatic metering device (for precise discharges)
  • Pre-filter for grape juice
  • Vibration sensor
  • Electric or pneumatic emergency braking
  • Safety water device
  • Erosion protection devices
  • The addition of a turbidimeter allows for complete control of the clarification process
Capacity l/h (Gal/h)
Juice Capacity up to l/h (Gal/h)
SE101EI2,500 (670)1,000 (270)
SE111EI5,000 (1330)2,000 (530)
SE161EI9,000 (2380)2,000 (530)
SE201EI15,000 (3970)6,000 (1590)
SE301EI25,000 (6610)11,000 (2910)
SE401EI30,000 (7930)13,000 (3440)
SE451EI35,000 (9250)13,000 (3440)
SE501EI40,000 (10570)22,000 (5820)
SE601EI70,000 (18500)25,000 (6610)
SE701EI90,000 (23780)25,000 (6610)

Wine clarification at the end of fermentation

The clarifier is used to block and/or drastically reduce the content of solids and yeast. The "H" hermetic clarifier, with mechanical seals, should be used when CO2 losses have to be absolutely avoided. This hermetic execution allows for greater clarifier separation efficiency. The electro-pneumatic metering device and turbidity-meter accessories are suggested to reduce product losses and completely control the clarification process. Wine pre-clarification and fine clarification Seital series clarifiers have reached new separation efficiencies due to their high centrifugal force combined with the large separation capacity.

Wine clarifiers

Experience using a Seital series clarifier in addition to an intermediate filter on some white wines has produced extremely high clarification levels similar to the results seen in a cross-flow filter process. For all other wines the best clarification results are reached with a centrifugal clarifier (pre-clarification) followed by a final filter (very fine clarification).

The following accessories are recommended:

  • Electro-pneumatic metering device
  • Product recirculation (to avoid temporary turbidity after discharges)
  • "H" hermetic execution (compulsory for sparkling wine)
  • A turbidimeter allows for complete control of the process.
Capacity l/h (Gal/h)
Wine Capacity up to** l/h (Gal/h)
SE101EI2,500 (670)1,500 (400)
SE111EI5,000 (1330)3,000 (800)
SE161EI9,000 (2380)7,000 (1850)
SE201EI15,000 (3970)13,000 (3440)
SE301EI25,000 (6610)20,000 (5290)
SE401EI30,000 (7930)25,000 (6610)
SE451EI35,000 (9250)30,000 (7930)
SE501EI40,000 (10570)33,000 (8720)
SE601EI70,000 (18500)40,000 (10570)
SE701EI90,000 (23780)55,000 (14530)
** The real clarifier capacity depends on the product characteristics and on the degree of clarification
Clarification of wort and beer

SE201HBIX-Q3P2_Beer_and_Beer_wort_ClarificationClarifiers have played a significant role in beer production for many years. Through extensive testing and countless installations, SPX FLOW offers a wide range of experience and separation technology specifically designed for the needs of the beer processing industry. Optimization of design standards in addition to rugged material construction and strict quality control procedures ensure our customers receive the clarifier that is best suited for their demanding applications.

Main characteristics of SPX FLOW beer clarifiers

  • Hermetic separator achieves minimal oxygen pick-up, typically less than 10ppb
  • Soft product feeding and discharging
  • High ratio between machine size and equivalent area of separation in order to achieve desired clarification efficiency
  • Fast and precise discharge minimizes product losses and maximizes solids content at the discharge
  • Time-based or turbidity measured automatic solids discharge option available
  • Higher hygienic conditions achieved through use of an additional set of CIP spray nozzles affixed to the cover of the bowl
  • Product recirculation device to minimize outlet turbidity at clarifier discharge
  • Frame covered by stainless steel to assure better clean ability and long-life
  • Electro-magnetic flowmeter for accurate flow measuring and for setting desired batch to be processed
  • Vibration monitoring and fast breaking system (pneumatic or electric) for unattended operation
  • Low operational noise level created by optimization of aerodynamic bowl design.

Beer Clarifiers

ModelsHot wort
hl/h (Gal/h)
Trub wort
hl/h (Gal/h)
Green beer
hl/h (Gal/h)
Before filtration
hl/h (Gal/h)
Beer recovery
  l/h (Gal/h)
Special polishing
l/h (Gal/h)
SE10115 (396)3 (79)25 (660)25 (660)1 (26) 
SE11145 (1188)5 (132)50 (1320)50 (1320)2 (53) 
SE16150 (13205 (132)70 (1849)70 (1849)2 (53)20 (528)
SE201140 (3698)15 (396)140 (3698)140 (3698)6 (158)40 (1056)
SE301200 (5283)40 (1056)200 (5283)200 (5283)10 (264) 
SE401250 (6604)40 (1056)250 (6604)250 (6604)10 (264) 
SE451290 (7660)50 (1320)290 (7660)290 (7660)12 (317)90 (2372)
SE501330 (8717)100 (264)500 (13208)500 (13208)25 (660) 
SE601400 (10566)120 (3170)600 (15850)600 (15850)30 (792)110 (2905)
SE701530 (14001) 750 (19812)750 (19812)  
Capacities up to, according to different clarification steps hl/h (Gal/h) (*)

Beer Clarifiers

Hot wort< 1.5% v/v<0.05% v/v
Trub wort< 15% v/v< 0.2% v/v
Green beer< 20 million yeast cells/ml< 1 million yeast cells/ml
Before filtration< 10 million yeast cells/ml< 0.5 million yeast cells/ml
Beer recovery (cm3)30% v/v1% v/v
*) The real clarifier capacity depending on the product characteristics and on the requested degree of clarification