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About Tigerholm Series


SPX Flow Europe Ltd, Tigerholm Series, is a progressive company that develops, manufactures and sells innovative products for professional users within the HVAC and Automotive Industries.

SPX Flow Europe Ltd has a number of highly efficient, energy saving products that, thanks to their technically innovative solutions, have made our company a world leader within our niche.

The company operates today with a number of leading European manufactures to offer a complete program of heating, automotive and piping products within our niche. The production facility and head office is located in Ekerö, just outside of Stockholm. Up to 85% of what we manufacture is exported to markets in Europe, North America and Asia.

Our goal

We have but one goal with our product assortment and product development and that is to offer high-quality, innovative products that give the pipework, heating and automotive installations the best possible reliability, efficiency and environmental safety.


Our products are available in Sweden at HVAC wholesalers and installers. Our well-established distribution network is our channel for export sales.