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Automotive - Automatic fuel de-aerator for diesel and biodiesel

The same way the Tigerloop has helped in over 4 million oil heating installations world-wide, the new Tigerloop Auto is now helping buses and other automotive transport systems to run more reliably, run more efficiently, reduce pollution and save on engine wear and tear.

The Tigerloop Auto is a perfect solution for auxiliary heaters (preheaters) used on buses or other forms of transport as fuel is taken from the fuel tank to feed an auxiliary heater. The Tigerloop Auto allows this system to use only a suction line between the fuel tank and the Tigerloop, eliminating the need for a return line to the fuel tank. The Tigerloop automatically and continually de-aerates the fuel before it enters the auxiliary heater for improved reliability and function, especially in cold weather.

Reducing fuel consumption
Using the Tigerloop Auto together with an auxiliary heater allows the bus or other transport system to heat an area inside the vehicle without the use of the motor. This is a great benefit in saving fuel.

Reducing pollutionTigerloop-Auto-hero
Idling buses and other automotive transports can pollute the air in and around the bus. Exhaust from the bus can also enter buildings through air intakes, doors and open windows. The exhaust from idling buses and other automotive transports can be a real health concern. The Tigerloop Auto helps auxiliary heaters to run reliably in all weather conditions by providing the heater with pre-heated and de-aerated fuel automatically and continually.

Saving on engine wear and tear
Today’s engines require very short idling times to warm up. Extended idling times will actually lead to engine damage. Engine manufacturers generally recommend between no more than 3 to 5 minutes of idling. Some engine manufactures have written instructions to avoid excess idling, which causes carbon build up leading to engine damage.

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