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Tigerloop oil de-aerators

Oil is the world's most important source of raw energy. It answers for the largest production of energy and will be, for many years to come, very important for the production of heat. This puts a heavy responsibility on the modern oil heating industry to develop efficient and environmentally safe products.

Recent development has lead to low-sulfur heating oil, highly efficient burners using blue-flame technology and condensing oil boilers. This new technology helps ensure optimal combustion making oil heating a reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative. These technological developments have created an even higher demand for clean, air-free oil to ensure reliability in oil heating.Tigerloop-heating-installations


Tigex draught stabilisers


How a heating system is installed will have great impact on reliability, overall efficiency and on the environment and should therefore be installed for optimal performance. It is important that the three main components; pellet boiler/stove, burner and chimney are suitable and work well together. The Chimney often receives the least amount of attention despite the fact that discrepancies in design or dimensioning could lead to serious problems.
Weather and wind conditions can vary drastically over the course of a year leading to a wide range of draught conditions in the chimney. On cold days with high wind conditions, the draught increases, while on calm, warm days there may be no draught at all. This leads to different draught conditions inside the pellet boiler/stove. A properly dimensioned and correctly installed draught stabiliser will automatically and continuously allow only the necessary amount of combustion air to pass through the pellet boiler/stove resulting in an optimal efficiency rating.

SPX Tigerholms assortment of products offers the best solutions for efficient and economic heating installations, while at the same time ensuring reliability and environmental safety. Here you can find more information about Tigerloop de-aerators, draught stabilisers, floating suction lines, oil filters and anti-siphon diaphragm valves.

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