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The same way the Tigerloop has helped in over 4 million oil heating installations world-wide, the new Tigerloop Auto is now helping buses and other automotive transport systems to run more reliably, run more efficiently, reduce pollution and save on engine wear and tear.


The Tigerloop Auto should be installed close to the heater and secured properly to a solid surface by the bracket and locking shackle included in the box. The connection from the fuel tank shown in the picture here is at the bottom of the Tigerloop Auto. It is important that a separate filter is installed just before the Tigerloop Auto to avoid problems of dirty fuel. Arrows under the pump connection points on the Tigerloop Auto show the flow of fuel to represent “to pump” and “from pump” connections.

Maintain fuel quality
Systems using heaters without the Tigerloop Auto will draw a large amount of fuel to the heater (pump capacity). Only a small amount of that fuel is actually used by the heater (nozzle capacity). The fuel not burned will then be re-transported to fuel tank. Transporting fuel back and forth between the fuel tank and the heater releases more dirt and sludge in the system and lessens the quality of the fuel.

Using the Tigerloop Auto eliminates the need for a return line from the pump to the fuel tank. Only the amount of fuel used by the heater is actually drawn from the fuel tank. This preserves the quality of fuel. By eliminating the return line, fuel quality is maintained at the optimum level.

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