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Plumbing References

The NoTap system contains great advantages both for the plumber and consumer. For example, the installation time is cut to a minimum and can be carried out during normal business hours and the consumer will not be disturbed by shut downs. Moreover, no new water, which is rich in oxygen leading to corrosion, enters the system.

Water for 48 apartments did not need to be shut off

The challenge:Water-for-48-apartments-did-not-need-to-be-shut-off
A leak had occurred at a heating line joint in a 12-storey, 48-apartment building in Stockholm, Sweden. With conventional technology, the system would have had to be drained, refilled and vented. In total the work would have taken at least two days.

The solution:
Blocking was carried out on both sides of the joint, and the section of pipe was replaced.

The work took 1.5 hours and the heating system did not have to be shut off and later refilled with new, oxygen-rich water. The residents were unaware of the work. The work was less expensive for the customer.

Peab Skärholmen in Stockholm, Sweden.

Night work done in the daytime

The challenge:Night-work-done-in-the-daytime
A T-pipe connection on a 22-mm copper pipe in a large residential property outside Stockholm, Sweden had sprung a leak. In addition to the apartments in the building, there was also a hairdresser and a bowling alley at the property. The absence of any shut-off valves meant that the system would normally need to be shut down causing considerable problems for the tenants. A night job!

The solution:
The water system was blocked off on each side of the valve and the branch (T-pipe) connection could then be replaced without the tenants being aware of anything.

The work took approx 1 hour including changing the faulty coupling.
Night work was avoided

SR Rörtjänst AB, Järfälla, Sweden.

No three-day shutdown for flight catering at Gardemoen

The challenge:
The flight catering company Gate Gormet at Gardemoen airport in Oslo, Norway was being extended and the piping for the cooling plant needed to be moved. With traditional technology, 8000 litres of coolant would have had to be drained and replaced during working hours. The total job time would have amounted to at least three days, during which time the flight catering activity would have had to be stopped with consequences that would include large financial losses. The cooling system had a salt mixture as coolant and maintained a temperature of -8°C.

The solution:
Using the S1 clamp, the pipes were pre-drilled with the cooling and circulation system on. The circulation was then turned off and the pipes stripped of insulation for a length of about 1.5 m. The fluid in the uninsulated section was then heated to approx. 10 - 12°C using a portable gas burner. Blocking could then be carried out and the pipework completed. After re-insulating the pipework , the whole job took approx. four hours.

The work took 4 hours instead of 3 days
A shut down of the flight catering business was avoided meaning considerable financial savings.

Werner/Winther A/S

NoTap Big branch connection on cooling system

The challenge:NoTap-Big-branch-connection-on-cooling-system
The installation and service company, Bravida in Borlänge, Sweden was asked to make a connection to an existing cooling system, which was used for refrigerated display cases at a large supermarket in Borlänge. The new connection was to be used for air conditioning the office area.

The solution:
The servicemen mounted NoTap Big clamps and 1-½” ball valves to the existing 85 mm stainless steel cooling pipes. The branch connections were made during normal business hours on the live system (under pressure) while the store was open for business.

The alternative to NoTap would have been to drain the cooling system completely and weld the connections in place. In this case, all display cases would have been without refrigeration for a long period of time. Moreover, a long process of draining, refilling and venting the system would have been necessary.

The branch connections were done by Johan Eld and Sune Gustafsson
Bravida in Falun, Sweden.

NoTap branch connection with 1” outlet to hot water heat exchanger

The challenge:
The installation and service company Rörgruppen AB, in Sollentuna, SNoTap-branch-connection-to-hot-water-heat-exchangerweden was asked to make a connection to a hot water heat exchanger in a three story rental property with 24 apartments in Hägersten (neighbouring city).

The solution:
They chose to make a NoTap branch connection with 1” outlet from the existing galvanised 2” water main pipe. This connection would carry cold water to a hot water heat exchanger.

By using NoTap, the installer avoided sending notices, shutting off, draining, refilling and venting the system. This work would have taken approx. 6 hours.

The branch connection took, instead, a total of 30 minutes to complete. This was done without disturbing any tenants in the building.

The branch connection was done by Thomas Åslev
Rörgruppen AB in Sollentuna

NoTap pipe blocking on DN50 pipe to replace a boiler

The challenge:NoTap-pipe-blocking-on-DN50-pipe-to-replace-a-boiler
The installation and service company MTI in Kiruna, Sweden was asked to replace a boiler in a Central Boiler Station, which was supplying heat to 3 rental properties. The problem was that there was no shut off valve to isolate the boiler that needed replaced.

The solution:
By using the NoTap Balloon blocking method, the installer was able to block the DN50 pipe, while the system was still under pressure, to install the necessary shut off valve.

The alternative to the NoTap blocking method would have been to drain the system, which would have negatively affected all three rental properties. MTI estimates that the draining alternative would have taken at least one full work day. Draining, refilling and venting the system would have resulted in disruption of services with much disturbance to tenants in the buildings.

Instead, MTI installed the shut off valve using the NoTap method for blocking. The system and properties were undisturbed and the whole job took only 50 minutes.

The pipe blocking was done by Sixten Esberg
MTI in Kiruna