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Vokes filters and filtration systems service two core areas:

Fuel and Lubricating Oil
Clarification systems designed to protect critical equipment, including diesel engines, gas turbines, gearboxes, steam turbines, pumps and compressors as utilised by the power generation, marine and locomotive industries.

  • Fuel Filtration

  • Lubricating Oil Filtration

  • Liquid Coalescers

  • Oil Mist Eliminator

Insulating Fluid Treatment - Stream-Line Systems
Regeneration systems for the electrical insulating fluids that are utilised to protect and cool transformers and switchgear by the power generation and transmission industries.

Seacat passing through the
Thames Barrier
EGT Gas Turbine
(Courtesy of EGT)
Eurostar (Courtesy of European Passenger Services)

Vokes is committed to supply, on time, high quality products fit for purpose. To this end Vokes has a Technical Services Team capable of providing Technical Support, Laboratory Services, as well as bespoke Research and Development for end users.

Vokes is quality assessed to ISO9001 covering all aspects of design manufacture and quality control. Utilising state of the art technology, Vokes carries out continuous testing and improvement of media and filter construction to ensure that Vokes products and systems will continue to meet and exceed filtration standards into the next millennium.