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Insulating Fluid Treatment

Insulating Fluid is vitally important for the safe and efficient operation of many types of electrical equipment. In addition to its insulating properties, the fluid is used as a coolant in transformers and as a means of arc suppression in circuit breakers. In each case the operation of the electrical equipment depends on the purity of the insulating fluid, which in services can be contaminated by particles, water, gases and chemical products.


Should electrical equipment be continuously operated with contaminated fluid, it's efficiency will be impaired, resulting eventually in the risk of total failure. Typically insulating fluid is contaminated in the following ways:

  • Particles including fibres, rust and colloidal carbon.
  • Free and dissolved water.
  • Gases produced by fluid ageing, equipment failure and arc suppression in switchgear.
  • Chemical products caused by oxidation, as well as cross contamination by other products.

Although individually each contaminant reduces the insulating characteristics of the fluid by around 20%, the combination of fibres from insulating material and water can reduce its performance by up to 90%.

Insulating fluid treatment maintains the integrity of the fluid and hence the efficient utilisation of the electrical equipment.

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