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Liquid Coalescers

'No Visible Emissions'

The Vokes Filter Coalescer is a static device for the removal of solids and free water from Distillate and Light Liquid Fuels and Mineral Lubricating Oils.

The cartridge combines a long life depth type pre-filter media designed to give extended life by the removal of pipe scale, rust, waxes and asphaltenes that would otherwise cause the coalescent media to blind.The pre-filter, together with the first and second stage coalescing medias effectively combine small droplets of water into large droplets which are then separated from the oil flow by gravity.

A final stripper screen is fitted to further minimise any risk of carry over of small droplets into the clean oil discharge.

The purified oil is discharged at the top of the housing, while the water is drained from the bottom.

Principal of Operation

The small droplets of water are intercepted by fibres and because of the hydrophilic nature of the fibres, are retained. As the number of droplets collected increases they join together to form a layer of water.


The flow of the oil then pushes this water through the media to the outside where it forms large droplets on the sock surrounding the cartridge.

These droplets then grow until they reach a size which causes them to fall off and drop to the bottom of the housing through gravity.

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