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Microfine Filter Cartridges

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Replacement Filter Cartridges

Fuel and Lubricating Oil Replacement Filter Cartridges
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Vokes Microfine filter cartridges are designed for the ultra-fine filtration of hydraulic, lubrication and light fuel oils. Manufactured from specially selected micro-glass media, the semi-depth filtration characteristic of the cartridges provide the optimum combination of high dirt holding capacity and fine filtration performance. The inorganic nature of the filter media and high standard of protection given to metal components means that Microfine cartridges are unaffected by water and aggressive chemical contaminants.

They are designed as disposable filter cartridges which ensures that all collected contaminants are removed from the system at each cartridge renewal. Available in a range of flow capacities between 3 and 50m³/h, their high flow characteristics relative to their size means that they are extremely compact in comparison with other filter cartridges. Vokes Microfine complement the Vokes range of Microfelt cartridges and in some instances are interchangeable.