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Over-Pressure Relief Single Seat Valves - WR60/WR80 Series

  • Over-Pressure Relief Valve photo


  • Adjustable-Spring Actuator Over-Pressure Diagram


  • Adjustable-Spring Actuator Reverse-Acting Diagram


  • Adjustable-Spring Actuator Air-to-Raise Diagram


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  • Over-Pressure Relief Valve photo
  • Adjustable-Spring Actuator Over-Pressure Diagram
  • Adjustable-Spring Actuator Reverse-Acting Diagram
  • Adjustable-Spring Actuator Air-to-Raise Diagram
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single seat valves

Enhance your pump with an external over-pressure relief valve. If pump discharge pressure exceeds the set cracking pressure, the valve will open to a relief path.
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The Adjustable-Spring actuator lets you set the desired relief cracking pressure right at the valve by simply turning the adjustment screw (see graphics above). Three diameters are available: 4", 5" and 6" (102mm, 127mm and 152mm) for both air-to-raise (AR) on 1.5" – 4" (38mm - 102mm) W61 valves and air to lower (AL) on 2" - 4" (51mm - 102mm) W63 valves. Tef-Flow PEEK™ or metal seats are required for strength and durability.

For clean-in-place applications (CIP), a piston in the actuator allows opening of the valve without having to over pressure it. After relieving or CIP is complete, the valve reseats in place.

  • Exterior adjustment with sealed cap to safeguard threaded area, no exposed threads.
  • Positive-Stop prevents overloading of spring and engages with the sealed cap to lock in the setting.
    • Cracking pressure adjustment ranges from zero (fully unloaded) to maximum published holding pressure of standard, heavy-spring actuators.
  • Piston for full opening/by-pass
    • Heavy-duty construction with (3) bearing locations and sealed, welded construction

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