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Product Analysis for Equipment Selection

Correct application of WCB equipment often depends upon having accurate data relating to product characteristics such as viscosity, specific heat, specific gravity, elastomer compatibility and others. To help ensure that this data is available for our application engineers, SPX FLOW Delavan offers laboratory analysis of customers' products. Contact our regional sales person to locate a local distributor in your area, if you would like to have your product analyzed to support selection of WCB equipment for your application.

SPX FLOW Delavan has laboratory capability to provide accurate analysis of the following product characteristics:

Viscosity - This is a critical characteristic of all liquids that is frequently misunderstood and incorrectly specified, leading to incorrect equipment selection. In addition, viscosity can be extremely variable for a given liquid, changing with temperature, shear rate and shear history. Viscosity has a strong effect on the following equipment parameters, and accurate data is critical for correct equipment specification:

  • Rotary PD Pumps; volumetric efficiency (speed of operation) and horsepower
  • Centrifugal Pumps; horsepower
  • System Pressure calculations
  • Heat Exchangers; power requirements and efficiency
  • Valves; sizing, holding pressure requirements
  • Dispersion equipment; power requirements

Specific Heat - This product characteristic is a measurement of the amount of energy (BTUs) required to change a product's temperature. This information is critical for correct heat exchanger selection.

Percent Solids - This is a measure of the amount of solids in a liquid; the material remaining after all the water (or other solvent) is evaporated. This data is important for heat exchanger selection and in addition, may affect the selection of proper seal design for other equipment with rotating seals such as pumps and dispersion equipment.

Density/Specific Gravity - Density is the weight of a specified volume of liquid (example: pounds/gallon). Specific Gravity is the ratio of a product's density compared to water. This product characteristic is needed for converting units of liquid weight into units of liquid volume, often required for pump selection. A liquid's specific gravity is also a direct multiplier to the required horsepower in centrifugal pump applications.