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Inspect and Advise

Increase the useable life of your Waukesha rotary positive displacement pump!

An inspect and advise program provides a custom repair or reconditioning after consultation with factory trained technicians.

This option enhances the life of your pump.

  • A dedicated repair cell provides diagnostic service.
  • The pump is inspected and evaluated by factory trained technicians.

The recommended repair could follow one of two paths:

1- Custom Reconditioning

  • Custom machine body and/or restore clearances.
  • Replace rotors, shafts and seals as necessary with original equipment parts.
  • Restore pump to operational efficiency.
  • Provide mechanical and performance warranty.
  • Provides multiple reconditionings.

2 - Repair

  • Replace non-serviceable parts.
  • Restore mechanical operation.
  • Provide mechanical warranty.