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Rechrome Your Heat Transfer Tubes

Why Should SPX FLOW Refurbish Your Heat Transfer Tubes?

The tube is an ASME coded part of a pressure vessel.

In order to maintain pressure vessel integrity and comply with local and state regulatory laws, repairs must be made in accordance with:refurbished tube

  • Minimum wall thickness requirements as established by the ASME code.
  • ASME certification of repair facility and weld procedures.
The potential problems that exist if a tube explodes or implodes during operation as a result of not using ASME repair guidelines are:

  • Product contamination and loss
  • Damage to heat exchange
  • Damage to plant utility systems
  • Personnel injuries or death due to sudden leakage of refrigerant or steam
  • Non-compliance with insurance, local or state regulatory agencies

SPX FLOW repair service includes: 

  • Qualified engineers to determine minimum wall thickness based on the internal (product side) and external (jacket side) pressures.
  • Design experience of OEM, which allows the implementation of procedures that include the inspection of critical dimensions to prevent leakage and mechanical problems of heat exchanger assembly.
  • Thorough inspection of refurbished tubes ensuring SPX FLOW and ASME requirements are met.  If the tube does not pass, SPX FLOW will apply credit to the customer's account which can be used for future SPX FLOW (Delavan, WI location) product purchases.

    spx rechrome tube inspection

  • ASME certified shop for design, manufacture, and repair of pressure vessels.
  • Superior quality, highly skilled and experienced craftsmen.
  • Refurbished tubes will be furnished with documentation including:  Hydro-testing parameters and tube measurement to comply with original specification
  • Quick turn around time.  SPX FLOW's streamlined process assures refurbished chrome plated tubes delivered in 2-3 weeks and non-chrome tubes in 1 week.
  • One year warranty on all refurbished tubes

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