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Globe represents an important asset within the SPX FLOW brand portfolio. Globe produces compact, heavy-duty radial piston air motors. Suitable for either continuous or intermittent operation, these industrial motors generally feature four or five-cylinder arrangements, with accompanying oil bath lubrication. Globe offers a wide array of control valve and output options, plus customized brake, gearbox and control configurations.

Among the broad spectrum of customer activities, globe addresses shipbuilding, oil/gas exploration, steel milling, paper production, construction and mining. Due to the quality of SPX FLOW manufacturing, the robust designs employed and the stringent testing promotes safe operation - even in the most challenging of application scenarios.


Hydraulic Training Programs

SPX FLOW offers a range of hydraulic technologies training courses through our hydraulic technologies training centers and online.

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Custom Product Requests

SPX FLOW Hydraulic Technologies offers a variety of custom hydraulic solutions to meet your applications needs.

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Manufacturing Facilities

SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities, located across the world, specializing in constructing custom process solutions, precisely fit to a customer’s demand.

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