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HES Series - Energy Saving Refrigerated Air Dryers 2500-3000 scfm

HES Series 800-3000
Product Type:
Air And Gas Treatment / Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

The HES Series reduces energy consumption through innovative technology--the best value solution for your heavy-duty air demand profiles.


Digital Evaporator Technology continues the Hankison tradition of stable 38°F (3°C) dew points. The HES Series, offers energy saving advantages over traditional non-cycling, cycling and variable speed designs. Hankison technology platforms of heat exchangers, filtration and refrigeration are CSA and UL certified.

Rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI)
The HES Series is designed to provide a rapid return on investment by:

  • Reducing the dryer's energy consumption down to 9% (91% savings) at 0% load
  • Precise matching of average air flow (heat load) with the required input kW power
  • Qualifying for energy rebates offered by utility companies
  • Maintaining a stable 38°F (3°C) dew point with no dew point spikes

Hankison crafts quality refrigerated dryers engineered to match the specific air demands of your compressed air system.


HES800 85 49 41 1124
HES1000 85 49 41 1146
HES1250 85 49 51 1521
HES1500 85 49 51 1563
HES1750 85 55 60 1940
HES2000 85 55 60 1997
HES2500 85 55 60 2315
HES3000 85 55 60 2646
HES Series 2500-3000 scfm US