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HPD Series - Heated Purge Desiccant Dryers

Product Type:
Air And Gas Treatment / Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers

Hankison HPD Series Dryers Slash Purge Air Energy Costs


Hankison HPD Series dryers will produce the design dew point while operating continuously at maximum rated flow (100% duty cycle) at CAGI ADF 200 inlet standards of 100°F inlet temperature and 100% relative humidity at 100 psig.

Standard HPD Series (Heated Blower Purge) Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers: -4°F to -40°F Pressure Dew Points
Designed for applications that were previously forced to accept a 40°F pressure dew point when simple protection against seasonal freezing is the issue. The standard design delivers ISO 8573.1 dew points between Class 2 and Class 3 automatically. Class 2 (40°F) dew points protect against freezing during low ambient conditions and Class 3 (4°F) dew points keep your air system bone dry during the heat of summer. Applications that require Class 2 (-40°F) dew points year round simply need to select the Free-Air (FA) Supercharger option package

Energy Management System
The EMS uses rugged temperature- & humidity-sensing technology that does not require calibration. Constant desiccant bed monitoring ensures stable dew point control. Algorithm-based A3 PurgeTechnology™ controls precisely engage the FA Supercharger when needed to manage the bed regeneration cycles and boost the airflow through the tower. Compressed purge air volume is reduced, further optimizing energy conservation.

An HPD Series dryer with an EMS package may enable the use of a smaller air compressor. Total system efficiency would then be superior due to the linear energy-saving potential of the dryer. Purge air savings of up to 15% are possible in direct proportion to demand when compared to typical heatless designs. Consistent -40°F pressure dew points and fast returns-on-investment are automatic year round.

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