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HWS & HWS Micro Series - Oil Water Separators

Product Type:
Air & Gas Treatment / Condensate Management

Condensate generated by lubricated type air compressors is comprised of atmospheric borne water vapor and lubricant from the compression process. Post compression, condensate is dropped from the air stream in the cooling, refrigerated drying and filtration phases of the air treat


Hankison HWS Series oil-water separators feature proprietary alumina silicate substrate media beds

That proprietary alumina silicate substrate adsorbs ALL compressor-based lubricants, including silicone, polyalkylene glycol (PAGs), and food grade.Operating multiple compressors using different types of lubricants? Each HWS unit supports up to six simultaneously connected compressors or downstream components in just one unit. Ideally suited to compressors15 HP to 600 HP, there’s an oil-water separator to match medium –to- large compressed air systems.

Better by Design

When properly sized, installed, and registered, our systems are guaranteed to reduce contaminants in your compressor condensate to 10 ppm or less* for the life of the unit. If your unit fails under these conditions, SPX Flow will replace the failed unit or provide a refund through your distributor.

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