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Let’s Talk About Water

Water is an essential building block of life. As such, water is everywhere. And in everything—including the air that is part of your air compression system. And while water in all of its various forms is celebrated and enjoyed across the planet, it’s something you definitely don’t want in your compressed air system. 

Compressed air is inherently dirty, and when this dirty air mixes with even a little moisture, the result can be catastrophic. And expensive. From damaged pneumatic tools to corroded pipe, and equipment failure to a compromised end product, water is the enemy of compressed air systems. 

A Solution Within Reach

Here at Hankison we’ve been designing and manufacturing air treatment solutions for nearly eighty years. Our systems are part of prominent manufacturing plants around the world. But we understand that not every scenario calls for permanent, on-site air dryers. Which is why we offer our full line as rental equipment.

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Be Prepared

Uptime. It’s the cornerstone of every manufacturer. And ensuring maximum uptime means being prepared for everything from scheduled maintenance to unexpected equipment failure. This is as true for air compression systems as any system that keeps a company moving forward. A few of the reasons to rent a Hankison air dryer include:

  • Planned Outages and Maintenance - Maintain continuous operation during plant upgrades or maintenance.
  • Equipment Failure - Maintain air system uptime while issues with existing systems are addressed.
  • Increased Demand - Fills temporary need to meet additional demand beyond planned capacity.
  • Testing - Short term needs to test a new product or product line.
  • Capital Expenditure Limitations - Mitigate CAPEX challenges by providing solutions for unprecedented downtime when cash flow is limited.

Rental Dryers Product Overview ‖ US

Rental Product Guide ‖ US

Rapid Deployment Solutions

We understand that downtime is the enemy of efficiency. That’s why we maintain pre-packaged air treatment systems for immediate delivery throughout North America. And because we’ve been innovating in air treatment technology for so long, you can rest assured that Hankison equipment is as reliable as it gets. 

Get up. Get running. Fast.

Pure, Clean, Dry Air Delivered
From the highly-controlled environment of a plant floor, to a work site in the middle of nowhere, our equipment can be configured to tackle any scenario. Which means dry air to keep the job moving. Wherever that may be.