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    SPX employees prepare the CUP-TWL pump for the submergence test.

ClydeUnion Pumps Convenes Utilities to Witness Successful Submergence Tests of the CUP-TWL Pump

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, recently brought together five utility companies to witness the successful submergence tests of the CUP-TWL, a turbine driven safety pump that offers significant safety enhancements and is used in both Pressurised Water Reactors (PWR’s) and Boiling Water Reactors (BWR’s).

The two eight-hour submergence tests, conducted in Glasgow, UK, successfully demonstrated that it is possible for a hot running pump, under simulated flooding conditions, to continue to run for the full test period with no change in fundamental performance or detrimental damage. GEH invited customers from five utility companies to witness the tests of this safety equipment at SPX’s 76,000 sqm facility, where engineers operated the CUP-TWL pump in a purpose built tank designed to simulate flood conditions.

Click here to watch a video highlighting the tests’ success and to learn more about the CUP-TWL pump.