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SPX’s New Drying Technology: Natural Native Drying

There appears to be increasing demand for natural native dried products in the food and pharmaceutical industries, where the original characteristics of the product such as aroma and flavor are preserved without the use of additives. Whether processing a plant extract, fruit concentrate or protein, it is important for the dryer plant supplier to understand the products and specific processes to help customers achieve their process goals and to ensure consistent and economical production.

To meet this increased demand for natural products, SPX has developed a new process for native drying of high-end liquid products without the use of additives. It dries the fruit or produce without the need to add a carrier, such as maltodextrin or gum, which would be necessary in most other dryer types including spray dryers. To enable this, it uses special dosing systems in combination with a high vacuum to change drying characteristics and makes continuous, native drying of even the most difficult products possible. The process has been shown to produce high quality dried products with rich aromas and flavors. There is no oxidation and resulting amorphous structures make the end products easy to dissolve.

At the heart of this SPX drying plant is a vacuum tunnel with belts. Belt drying is among the most economical and gentle drying methods, offering high quality products with excellent operational efficiency. It is able to continuously dose liquid or solid products onto the dryer belts and provide a continuous discharge of the dried product in clean room conditions.

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