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Butter Processing

Turn-key Butter Processing Solutions 

SPX FLOW designs custom butter production lines, integrating nearly a century of engineering experience into the accurate construction of turnkey butter processing systems. SPX FLOW excels in designing butter production lines capable of high quantity production while meeting strict standards of quality.

Butter making has existed for over 3000 years, yet with modern technology, the process of butter production is being consistently optimized. Contemporary technology has redefined the process of making butter through precise and efficient butter production lines.

Modern Butter processing also makes several non-traditional forms of butter possible on a large scale e.g. Spreadable butter products and Low-fat butter options all cater to segments of the dairy market, building a notable presence in the dairy market.

Types of Butter Production

Butter Production Lines


Variable production lines within the butter processing industry is necessary for the processing of differing types of butter, and more importantly, meeting the specific characteristics of a customer’s product. SPX FLOW application engineers customize existing butter production equipment or help construct more specialized processes.

Butter Production Equipment

Clean In Place Systems


A clean-in-place system for butter production is integrated into the butter making system ensuring each step in the production line is cleaned and sanitized.


Bulk Packer for Butter


A butter packing machine then packages the butter for delivery into 10kg to 25kg bulks for industrial use and food services