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Create the Perfect Texture, Mouth Feeling and Taste with the Perfect Base
The perfect base is essential for producing high-quality plant-based drinks and food products. With rapidly changing trends, the raw material can be soy, oat, almond, rice today but tomorrow it can be other raw materials like pea, peanut, quinoa, buckwheat or…… ? The process to extract the basis taste of any plant-based source will vary by source. Soyabeans, oats and rice all require grinding, but soyabeans must be blanched first and oats and rice must undergo enzymatic reactions before grinding.

Flexibility and process know-how are key to designing plant-based drinks and food lines. Our design and process know-how give you maximum agility to adapt to emerging opportunities while not compromising on texture, mouthfeel and taste. 

Regardless of what each source requires, SPX FLOW infuses quality at every step of the way.