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The process for making plant-based fermented products depends on the raw material selected. Soya bean processing for example, requires blanching and then grinding. While the processes for rice and oat production involve enzymatic reactions prior to grinding. The slurry created by the grinding process equipment is then subjected to fiber separation and heat treatment.

Heat treatment is a critical step for various reasons.  Apart from very important bacteriological critical control point, this step also contributes to stop enzymatic activities. SPX FLOW has in its portfolio a comprehensive range of thermal processing solutions, backed by 1,000+ references and more than 50 years of experience. The technologies include direct heating, such as infusion or injection, or indirect heating including tubular, plate or scraped surface heat exchangers designed for soya, almond, oat, rice, coconut and other plant-based drinks.

The heat-treated plant-based juice obtained by the various processes above can be used for a variety of fermented products. As this field is still emerging and offers potential to many producers, SPX FLOW offers a testing facility at its two innovation centers in Silkeborg, Denmark and at ENIL University, Mamirolle France.