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Protein without Pastures
Protein is essential for human health and animal meat and milk have always been the primary sources for most people. Animals are not, however, the most economical source of protein, especially when you consider the investment required to pasture, process, and bring meat to market. Extracting protein directly from plants, eliminates the cost of pasturing, slaughtering, transporting, and storing meat, but plant-based protein has not had the taste, mouthfeel, and hunger satisfaction capability of meat. 

Entering the 21st century, however, we see growing numbers of vegetarians and vegans. We see dietary guidelines suggesting that everyone should eat less meat. And there is growing concern about the environmental impact of so much land being devoted to livestock. Such factors combine to represent a huge market opportunity to process protein powders extracted from peas, beans, wheat gluten, maize, and other sources that might compete with meat.

SPX FLOW has been a leading innovator in plant-based protein powder creation. Our experts have been working on projects around the world, to help create plant-based protein powders that can enhance in recipes that replicate the taste, mouthfeel, texture, appearance, and nutritional value of meat.

Processing plant-based protein powders to resemble meat is a relatively new area and the subject of intense collaborative research and test at our Global Innovation and Design Centers. Similarly, another dairy alternative protein, that is one especially promising related research area is in the development of non-plant based-protein powders, such as krill, insects, algae and microorganisms.