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The Ideal Texture, Mouthfeel and Taste Starts with the Right Base
The global demand for plant-based food and beverages is exploding. Formulations that have been known for centuries are being mixed and matched to create new taste and nutritional options. It starts with extracting the right base, from which you can formulate unique beverages, fermented products, or powders. With rapidly changing trends, today’s raw ingredient might be soy, oat, almond, rice, while tomorrow it could be peas, peanut, quinoa, buckwheat — or who knows what else? And different regions prefer different tastes, which requires the know-how to bring specific flavors forward while suppressing others.

Add to this the fact that most raw materials present unique extraction challenges. Soyabeans, oats and rice all require grinding, but soyabeans must be blanched first and oats and rice must undergo enzymatic reactions before grinding. Flexibility and process know-how are key to designing plant-based beverages and food lines. SPX FLOW’s design and process know-how give you maximum agility to adapt to emerging opportunities while not compromising on texture, mouthfeel, and taste.

Regardless of what each source requires, SPX FLOW infuses quality at every step of the way.