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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where can I buy Johnson Pump products, spares, and replacement parts?
    End Users can purchase Johnson Pump products from Big-Box Retailers, Authorized Online Sellers, and Local Marine Dealers/Shops.

  2. Are the replacement cartridge motors used in the 500|700|1000 GPH Bilge pumps the same as their sibling Aerators?
     Yes, the cartridge motors are the same for their sibling items and can be purchased from Johnson Pump retailers and dealers.

  3. Will my Cartridge bilge pump housings accept the other sized replacement cartridge motors?
     Yes. The cartridge housing containing the 500|750| and 1000 GPH motors can be interchanged, however flow may be impacted depending on the installed combination of motor and impeller.

  4. What about 1250GPH motor and cartridge housing? Can it be interchanged?
     No. The 1250gph housing is different compared to the 500|750|1000 GPH housings. Although it can accept the same motors, the housing does not have the same port and hose connection sizes and will require timely system modifications to make it work in existing bilge/aeration systems. Additionally, flow is determined by the installed combination of motor and impeller as well.

  5. Can I rotate the base of the Cartridge Aerator that uses the 90° Thru-hull fitting to make inlet/discharge locations more desirable?
    Although physically it is possible, it is not recommended to unscrew and rotate the cartridge bilge/aerator housing 180°. Reason being the metal screws are self-forming threads into the plastic housing in the currently installed state. Disassembly and reassembly may jeopardize the thread integrity and seal at the joint.

  6. Do the Johnson Pump 1600|2200|4000GPH Heavy Duty Bilge pumps share the same motor, housing, or basket?
    No, the HD Bilge pumps do not share the same motors, however the 1600 and 2200 do share the same basket.

  7. Why does my centrifugal pump motor hum, vibrate, and surge, but no water is coming out of the discharge?
    1. It may be possible the pump is not fully submerged, or the pump is incorrectly oriented or applied in the system.
    2. See Air-binding/ Airlock.
      1. All Johnson Pump Bilge/Aerator Cartridge, Proline, Ultima Bilge, and Heavy-Duty bilge pumps require near vertical orientation in order properly evacuate water from the bilge.
      2. Aerators with thru-hull connections below the water line can be oriented at slightly more aggressive angles as they receive as from a location below the water line, or about 1 inch of fluid height.

  8. I think my pump is Air-bound or air-locked, what do I do?
    1. Air binding or airlock is typically a result of air or gasses being trapped in the system either downstream of the pump, or at the impeller, that cannot be passed during operation. This causes the motor to spin, hum, and vibrate, but no water or fluid can be pumped from the discharge line. Remember, the pump is designed to pump much more dense fluids, not air or gasses.
      1. Make sure all connections on inlet and discharge are tight
      2. Make sure discharge line is as straight as possible, or on a continuous linear incline; no dips, valleys, sags, or bends and as short as possible.
    2. Adjusting the discharge line may relieve the pump from being air-bound by releasing gasses or air from the impeller and system.

  9. My pump is Centrifugal, what does that mean?
    Centrifugal pumps use momentum of the spinning impeller in contact with a fluid to transfer the rotating force into the fluid and outward through the discharge port. These types of pumps are used in applications where self-priming capabilities are not critical, and water pressure is already supplied to the pump by gravity (gravity fed) or continuously primed via a source such as a seacock or fluid and pump below the waterline.

  10. My pump is Self-Priming, what does that mean?
    1. Self-priming means the pump can draw fluid through the system without any assistance from another pump, gravity, or primer bulb.
    2. Most cases, this is likely a Flexible Impeller Pump (FIP) or Diaphragm pump. The trick is suction contained within the geometry of the pump design.

  11. My Washdown (WD) or Water Pressure System (WPS) pump motor is not pumping, or continuously pumping, what do I do?
    1. Possibly a stuck pressure switch, attempt to safely bypass the switch, running power directly to the pump power leads.
      1. If this solves the issue, the pressure switch needs attention or replacement.
      2. If issue is not corrected from above, ensure all hose connections are not kinked, blocked, or obstructed. Apply power to the system again. If not corrected, pump/motor may need to be addressed.
    2. Contact your dealer or location of purchase for replacement and warranty information.

  12. My Ultima Bilge 600|800|1000|1250GPH pump is constantly running.
    1. Please ensure the correct wiring process is used, that should have been included in the product packaging. If wired incorrectly, or wired directly to power, make sure the correct leads are powered and oriented during installation.
    2. The thermoplastic housing is sonically welded and encapsulates the entire switch unit and pump unit. It is possible during manufacturing that the sonic weld at the parting line of the material has fatigued or allowed for water intrusion. Moisture contained within the switch may be causing the contacts to read a signal and trip the pump to run.

  13. I think my product is defective, or is experiencing an early failure, where can I find out warranty information?
     WWW.SPXFLOW.COM | Johnson Pump Marine employs a strategic warranty process to ensure that end users’ and customer needs get addressed quickly and in a timely manner. To guarantee this, Johnson Pump authorized dealers, distributors, and resellers are the first line of defense to quickly replace defective or malfunctioning products. Warranty programs exist between SPX Flow, Inc | Johnson Pump Marine and our vast authorized dealer, distributor, and reseller networks that will handle the rest. SPX Flow, Inc. | Johnson Pump Marine does not sell direct to end users or consumers, and will only manage warranty replacement, credit, refund, or return to the authorized parties mentioned above within the current terms and conditions provided for each qualifying sale or order.