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SPX Flow Technologyとは

APVは、20世紀初頭に英国において醸造及び植物用アルミ製容器の製造会社として発足したAluminum Plant & Vessels社を起源として成長しました。

国内におけるAPV製品の販売は、1920年代から米国貿易によりビスケット、チョコレート関連設備の輸入、設置、技術サービスが開始されました。その後、乳業機械設備の取扱量の飛躍的な増加により、1963年 (昭和38年)、APV株式会社が設立されました。


SPX Flow Technology is part of SPX Corporation

SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) is a Fortune 500 multi-industry manufacturing leader that provides its customers with highly-specialized, engineered solutions to solve critical business issues.

SPX products and technologies play an important role in the expansion of global infrastructure to help meet increased demand for power and energy and support many different sources of power generation, including coal and natural gas, nuclear, solar and geothermal. The company's innovative product portfolio, containing many energy efficient products, includes cooling systems for power plants throughout the world; highly advanced food processing components and turnkey, scalable systems serving the global food and beverage industry; process equipment that assists a variety of flow processes including oil and gas exploration, distribution and refinement and power generation; handheld power transformers that allow utility companies to regulate electric voltage, transmission and distribution.

With headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX has 15,000 employees in more than 35 countries worldwide.