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  • "Now Serving"

    SPX's new TV commercial highlights how our technologies are helping to ensure the safety and goodness of food and beverages worldwide.

  • How to Make a Better Sandwich Cookie

    SPX's food processing experts focus on the challenges of using filling creams in confectionery production.

  • Global Dairy Consumption

    By helping customers build state-of-the-art plants and deliver safe, high-quality products, SPX helps meet increased global demand for dairy products.

  • Under the Sun

    Coconut meat, juice, milk and oil have supplied and nourished populations around the world for generations. Now SPX is devising ways to help extend the shelf life of coconut.

  • Integrated Technologies

    SPX supports butter making through every step of the process, including heating, cooling, churning, separating, mixing and delivering butter to the distribution system.

  • Budding Taste Buds

    Meeting a wide range of end-product specifications and customer requirements, SPX has extensive experience in the design and installation of systems for dairy-based baby foods.

  • Better Brews

    SPX liquid and powder processing technologies enhance the coffee production process.

  • Keeping It Fresh

    UHT technology eliminates bacteria growth and minimizes product mixing to deliver natural, long-lasting products.

Food and Beverage

The Taste of Success

A growing world requires more food. At the same time, manufacturers seek food processing technologies and other solutions to help cope with rising transport costs, increased government regulations, food safety concerns and changing consumer tastes.

At SPX, we understand the market drivers, trends and obstacles impacting the food and beverage industry.

Customer-centric Solutions

From rugged flow control valves to a wide range of integrated food processing equipment, we provide solutions to help customers improve process performance and profitability ― and respond quickly to changing consumer and market demands.

SPX solutions, which include some of the industry's leading product brands, are designed for long-lasting reliability and low maintenance. Engineering excellence and stringent quality control help ensure they comply with the highest international standards for hygiene.

Process technology expertise, custom engineering and continued research and development also help us deliver solutions that respond to the environmental, regulatory and other issues faced by our customers.