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Helping New Zealand Meet Rising Demand for Food and Energy

All over the world, SPX is working with food and energy producers to solve tomorrow's challenges today.

SPX New Zealand

With approximately $5 billion in annual revenue, U.S.-based SPX is a multi-industry manufacturing leader operating in more than 35 countries, including New Zealand, and employing over 14,000 people worldwide.

Meeting the critical food and energy needs of world economies - particularly in rapidly growing regions such as Asia Pacific - has been the driving force behind our strategic expansion and success in recent years.

In New Zealand, SPX solutions are playing a role in energy infrastructure expansion to help meet increased demand for electricity, and in helping food and beverage producers increase their capacity to efficiently deliver safe, high quality products. SPX's innovative processing systems help food and beverage producers enhance the quality of their products such as milk, yogurt and infant formulas, while also helping them optimize production. Our flow technologies also include pumps, valves and other products that serve the oil and gas and industrial markets.

To learn more about our innovative array of business solution offerings in New Zealand, please contact us.

For Investors: To learn more about SPX’s business and strategic vision, please read our latest annual report, or visit the Investor Relations of our global Website.