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The Confidence of Buying SPX

Reliability. Efficiency. Performance. Value.

These are just a few of the hallmarks that people around the world have come to know and expect from SPX and our family of well-known products and services serving the food and beverage, power and energy and industrial markets.

Every day, our customers put their trust in us to design and manufacture innovative products and services that help solve their critical business issues and help drive their businesses forward.

When you buy from SPX, you're also buying peace of mind, and this trust in the quality of our products has been the foundation of our business success for more than 100 years.

Today, SPX offers a broad array of highly-engineered, customized total solutions as well as individual components.

From our full-line processing systems and equipment for food and beverage producers and our reciprocating pumps used in oil and gas processing, to our power transformers used by utility companies and the very large cooling and thermal products we manufacture for nearly every type of power plant, SPX products are synonymous with quality, performance and durability.

Most of all, we take great pride in the fact that SPX products and systems are helping our customers meet growing global demand for essential societal needs, such as food and energy, particularly in emerging markets.

SPX products and services – our unwavering commitment to quality is everywhere you look.