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C Series

Single-Acting, Spring-Return high quality, general purpose cylinder used for lifting and pressing. Designed to utilize aluminum bronze bearings to significantly reduce wear. Piston return speed and spring life are bolstered by Maximum sized springs. Constructed for durability, using a Solid steel cylinder body for integrity. Chrome plated piston rod resists wear and corrosion adding to the cylinder’s life cycle. Intricately customizable through the wide range of accessories available to thread onto piston rod, collar, or onto cylinder base.

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Precision-matched cylinder and pump set for wide range of applications. Four styles of cylinders within the CPS/RPS Series with each set featuring single or two-speed hydraulic hand pumps. CPS/RPS Series cylinders vary in tonnages with long, medium or short stroke depending. Includes necessary fittings, couplers and 6-foot (1,8 m) hose. Gauge and gauge mounting adapter is recommended.


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CBT Series

Single Acting, Spring-Return, threaded piston rod end and base that is built to accommodate accessories and adapters. Threaded cylinder collars, piston rod ends, and internal base threads simplify mounting. A 9796 3/8" NPTF female half coupler is standard with each cylinder; oil port threads are 3/8" NPTF.

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RP Series

Single-Acting, Spring-Return. Designed for pulling and tensioning. Heavy duty compression spring provides long cycle life and rapid extension of piston. Spring automatically extends piston rod when pump pressure is released.

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RA Series

Half the weight of equal capacity steel cylinders, the RA Series cylinder utilizes an aluminum body that resists sparking in hazardous circumstances. The aluminum piston rod and aluminum cylinder bore resist wear and corrosion.

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RLS Series

Single-Acting, Spring-Return Power Team cylinder, Ideal for confined areas from 1 5/8" (266,7 mm) to 4" (542,9 mm) clearance. Cylinder body, piston and gland nut are each Power Team treated for corrosion and abrasion resistance. The RLS Series is designed with the standard domed piston rod (5-30 ton) or swivel cap (50- 150 ton) to minimize the effects of off center loading. A unique heavy-duty spring provides fast piston return. A 9796 3/8" NPTF female half coupler is standard with each cylinder (the RLS50 has a 3/8" coupler which is not angled). Oil ports are 3/8" NPTF. Couplers on all cylinders, except RLS50, are angled upward for extra clearance.

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RSS Series

Single-Acting and Double-Acting Spring-Return cylinder. The RSS Series cylinder is ideal for confined areas from 3 1/2" (88,9 mm) to 11 7/16" (290,2 mm) clearance. Power Tech plated piston rods and gland nuts resist scoring and corrosion. Heavy duty return spring of the RSS Series cylinder provides fast piston return & low collapsed height. Coupler on 10 thru 50 ton models is angled upward 5° for added clearance. The RSS Series cylinder features a grooved piston top to keep loads from sliding. Cylinders can be “dead-ended” at full capacity. Removable carrying handles on 100 ton and 250 ton models.

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RH Series

Double-Acting industrial cylinder, Ideal for the pulling and tensioning of cables, anchor bolts, forcing screws, etc. The RH Series cylinder features interchangeable piston head inserts to a range of versatility in application. 30, 60, 100 Ton Double-Acting RH Series cylinders feature threaded collar built-in safety feature to prevent over pressurization of the retract circuit. Intricately designed the plated piston rod resists wear due to superior packings to provide high cycle life without leakage. Corrosion-resistant standpipe has “Power Tech” resistant treatment. Each cylinder has 9796 3/8" NPTF female half couplers. The 60 ton thru 200 ton steel models are equipped with removable carrying handles.

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RT Series

Single-Acting, Spring-Return and Double-Acting Power Team cylinder, ideal for pulling and pressing. A proven design; used throughout industry for over 45 years. The RT Series cylinders are compactly designed to withstand full “dead-end” loads. Basic cylinder head can be changed from a tapped hole to plain hole by simply changing insert. Pistons have “Power Tech” treatment for corrosion and abrasion resistance.

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RGP Series

Power Team’s RGP Series of construction pancake cylinders are ideal for applications that require lifting in tight or confined spaces, such as bridge bearings on end caps or piers. The RGP Series is available with lifting capacities from 55 – 565 Tons (60,8 – 512,6 Metric tons).

The Power Team RGP Series delivers safety and durability for your heavy lifting applications.


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Drawings - RGP Series - STEP Files
RGP 672 RGP 1102 ‖ RGP 1802 ‖ RGP 2202 ‖ RGP 2802 ‖ RGP 4302 ‖ RGP 5652


RD Series

Double-Acting, Hydraulic-Return industrial cylinder. Designed for high tonnage and built for a high cycle life. The RD Series cylinder is precisely constructed for bridge lifting, building reconstruction, shipyard, utility and mining equipment maintenance. Aluminum bronze overlay bearings provide long life and the signature chrome plated piston rod is intentionally plated for corrosion resistance. The RD Series load cap is removable to expose internal piston rod threads for pulling applications; threads withstand full tonnage. Grooved ring pattern in load cap helps guard against load slippage. Each cylinder has two 9796 3/8" NPTF female half couplers. Built-in safety relief valve prevents over-pressurization of the retract circuit. Features mounting holes and collar threads.

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R Series

Single-Acting, Load Return cylinders. The R Series cylinders feature a visible indicator band alerts when stroke limit is reached.  Overflow port (weep hole) stroke limiter prevents piston from being overextended.  Optional swivel load caps reduce the effect of off-center loading tilts up to 5 degrees.  Radial grooves on the top of cap reduce load slippage.

Double-Acting, Hydraulic Return cylinders.  These cylinders come standard with swivel caps to reduce the effects of off-center loading. Built-in safety relief valve prevents over-pressurization of the retraction circuit.  Each cylinders has two 9796 3/8" NPTF female half couplers.

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RA_L Series

Single-Acting, Spring Return, Aluminum cylinders. The RA_L Series cylinders feature a positive mechanical locking collar to support extended load holding. This cylinder is specialized to supports lifted load for extended periods of time by utilizing hydraulic pressure release. At half the weight of steel cylinders of comparable capacity, aluminum cylinders are ideal for portability.

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R_L Series

Single-Acting, Load Return, Steel Cylinder. The R_L Series cylinders feature a positive mechanical locking collar to support extended load with hydraulic pressure released. Visible indicator band alerts when stroke limit is reached.  Overflow port ("weep hole") stroke limiter prevents piston from being overextended.

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