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  • Mobile & Stationary Hydraulics
Sidewinder Jacks

Designed compactly to fit in your palm, the Power Team sidewinder jack operates horizontally or vertically for easier use in confined spaces. Retracted height of just 2 9/16" (63,5 mm) for the smallest jack and 5 1/8" (130,2 mm) for the 20 ton, allows for optimal mobility and use-ability in narrowly spaced situations. The sidewinder jack features handles to function in line with the base of the jack for easier use in confined spaces. The versatile sidewinder jack can be used as for lifting, or for spreading applications. Use it vertically or horizontally in a limited clearance situation. Meets ASME B30.1 standard.

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Low Profile Bottle Jacks

The Power Team low profile bottle jacks are specifically designed and fabricated to fit a range of lower clearance jobs. All the quality, features and lifting capacity of the standard jacks offering 12-ton and 20-ton model variants. All Power Team low profile bottle jacks feature screw extensions for added versatility. All jacks meet ASME B30.1 standards PowerThon™ Lifetime Warranty. All jacks operate both vertically and horizontally for use in a variety of lifting, pushing and spreading applications.

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Bottle Jacks

The Power Team Bottle Jack is intently constructed ot excel at industrial lifting and pushing applications. The 9110B, 9015B, 9022B and 9033B feature a beveled base which allows the jack to “follow” the load, reducing the chance of dangerous side-loading. Many jacks feature screw extensions some jacks can be used in the vertical, angled or horizontal positions. Serrated or contoured saddles help stabilize the load for a safer lift. All jacks meet ASME B30.1 standards and carry the PowerThon™ Lifetime Warranty. 110-ton jack features dual pumps for time-saving two-speed operation.

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Telescoping Bottle Jacks

The Power Team telescoping bottle jacks offer extended lifting capability. Telescoping jacks are designed to accommodate all of the quality features and capabilities of the standard bottle jack line. The super-long stroke of these jacks saves time and effort by eliminating the need to lift, crib, lift, etc. In most applications, the user can place the jack once and complete the lift. The taller 9006X, 9011X and 9013X all feature a unique beveled base that allows the jack to “follow” the load laterally as it is raised, greatly reducing side-loading of the piston. Meets ASME B30.1 standard.

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Economy Toe Jacks

The Power Team bottle jack-style toe jacks are loaded with many of the same features as our standard bottle jacks, but the toe-lift feature and swiveling pump handle socket make them ideal for machinery lifting and positioning. An internal pressure relief provides added safety by limiting the jack's lifting capability to the capacity of the toe. Spring return is an added feature on the larger jacks. Swiveling pump handle assembly available on the 5 and 10-ton models. The swiveling jack assembly allows you to access and pump the unit from numerous positions.  All jacks meet ASME B30.1 standards and carry the Power Team PowerThon™ Lifetime Warranty.

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Heavy-Duty Toe Jacks

Heavy-duty low height industrial lifting and pushing applications. 

  • With lifting points on the toe and on the top, these extremely rugged jacks are ideal for machine lifting, rigging, lift truck service and much more.
  • Choose from 5.5 ton, 11 ton, or the 27.5 ton lifting capacity. 
  • All jacks operated both vertically and horizontally. 
  • Base, toe and pumping assembly swivel independently, allowing the jack to work in confined areas. 
  • High strength piston and pump linkage for long life. 
  • Lever Bar included on all models. 
  • All jacks meet ASME B30.1 standards and carry the Power Team PowerThon™ Lifetime Warranty.

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RJ Series
Portable Railroad Edition

Heavy-Duty Self-Contained Industrial Lifting Jack for Rail maintenance.

  • Wide base cylinder design for stability.
  • Double-acting cylinder with locking collar.
  • The bottom of the cylinder is a bolted joint, using the base plate as part of the cylinder. This will allow for service of even the oldest or most abused jacks.
  • Cribbing storage rack location is such that it allows easy access during cribbing placement and removal.
  • Jack has a 20 ft. remote pendant for user safety and control.
  • Easy to maneuver, large tires and small footprint make it easy to get into tight spaces.
  • Adjustable handle, allows the user to easily to position the jack under loads.

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JE/JA Series

Portable and compact, ideal for locomotive/rail car, mining and heavy equipment maintenance.

  • Modular design allows you to change lifting modules to suit your tonnage or height requirements.
  • Select the collapsed height to fit your most frequent application and add jacking modules to suit your needs.
  • Exclusive load control system provides positive, chatter-free control when lowering the load.
  • Remote operation for maximum operator safety and control, motor or/an valve options.
  • Easy to maneuver with large tires and small “footprint” make it easy to scoot into the tightest quarters.
  • Adjustable, heavy-duty handle makes this jack easy to move, position under vehicles.
  • Shielded and sheltered hydraulic lines for safer, longer, trouble-free service.

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Inflatable Jacks

The non-skid space-age reinforced Power Team inflatable jack is perfect for a number of applications. Uninflated jacks are less than 1" (25,4 mm) thick, making lifting tasks in small spaces seem routine. Constructed of non-conducting, high-quality rubber material with multi-layer aramid fiber reinforcement, samples of the inflatable jacks are pressure tested to 20 bar and cycle tested (10,000 inflate / deflate cycles at 8 bar for 10,000 inflate / deflate cycles). The controller, shut-off and air hoses are all equipped with an industrial interchange style quick disconnect air coupler. Female half coupler bodies have a locking collar to help the operator avoid accidentally disconnecting the jack while under load. The top and bottom surface of the jack has a skid-resistant, interlocking pattern to assist in alignment of two jacks being used together. Single jack controller with "dead man" control (part number 350090) can be used individually or in multiples to regulate the number of jacks desired. Heavy attachment handles are provided on the two largest jacks for attachment of a rope or hook to help in positioning the jack. Inflation hose system is color-coded (red and yellow) for easy recognition when using more than one jack. The jacks can be used at ambient temperatures of -20°c (-4°f) to + 50°c (+ 122°f).

Inspect before and after each use. Replace if any signs of degradation or wear that may affect safety or performance. Keep the product clean. Store properly.

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Maintenance Sets

Turnkey, extremely versatile mechanics maintenance kit fits many applications.

  • Matched hydraulic system components, adapters and hydraulic spreader, contained in a rugged carrying and storage case.
  • Portable sets are ideal for pushing, pulling, lifting, straightening, or clamping at remote job sites.
  • Cylinders in set are rated at 10 tons at 10,000 psi. Set components are designed for full rated capacity of cylinders.
  • Set IM10H/IM10L includes hand operated pump. Set IM10E includes the Quarter Horse® electrically driven portable power unit.

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SK Series

Versatile 10 & 25 Ton Start-up kit covers a range of lifting, shifting, and positioning needs.  Broad range of cylinder types and strokes to fit many applications.  SK10TE & SK25TE kits are CE Compliant.

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Post Tensioning Jacks

The Power Team post-tensioning jacks are Monostrand stressing jacks suited for work on slab-on-grade where dirt, heat and high volume use take their toll. Power Team post-tensioning jacks are of the most durable in the industry. Designed specifically to withstand high heat and wear. Available in single or double-acting models. Standard single-acting units have a 10" (254 mm) stroke. Other stroke lengths are available on special order. Dead-end seaters for production work and fieldwork available on special order. (part #400120) 3" (76,2 mm) detachable seater nose assembly easily replaced with optional 6" (152,4 mm) nose assembly. The jack of choice for highrise and elevated work, due to fast return time and lightweight. All hydraulic fluid controls are internal; more efficient and safer operation during tensioning and retraction. Standard double-acting units have an 8 1/2" (216 mm) stroke; others available on special order. Specially designed power team control valves are available for post-tensioning jacks.

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