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Self-Cleaning Nozzle Separators

Product Type:
Centrifuges / Disk Centrifuges

SPX FLOW Seital Separation offers a wide range of self-cleaning nozzle separators for liquid/solid separation with high solid content where separated solids (concentrate) must be continuously discharged.


For liquid/solid separation with high solid content where separated solids (concentrate) must be continuously discharged, Seital proposes a wide range of self-cleaning nozzle separators. This kind of separator allows the clarification of the liquid and the discharge of a phase highly concentrated in solids.

Theory of Operation


The product to be treated flows into the bowl through a feed pipe (1) and into the distributor (2) where it undergoes acceleration until it reaches the bowl's rotating speed. The distributor (2) conveys the product to the disk stack (3) where the separation between solids and liquid takes place. Clarified liquid then flows to the center of the bowl with concentrated solids flowing to the bowl's outer diameter. Clarified liquid rises in the disk stack and reach the upper chambers of the bowl. Here a fixed centripetal pump (4) conveys it under pressure to the outlet pipe line (5). When concentrate reaches the bowl periphery it flows through a channel into the hood and discharged by nozzles (6).

Solids discharge

The separated solids, heavier than concentrate (usually impurities), are collected in the peripheral part of the bowl (7) and are periodically discharged through the discharge holes (8).

The discharged solids are collected into an outer annular chamber connected to a damping sludge tank where they are drained away by gravity through a pipe. The pressure produced by water in the chamber (10) keeps the hydraulically operated ram (9) in a closed position. By feeding water into the pipeline (12), the bowl valve (11) allows the water entering the chamber (10) to flow away; the product pressure pushes down the hydraulic ram and the solids are immediately ejected through the discharge holes (8). By stopping the water feed (12) and filling the closing water line (13) into the chamber opening (10), the hydraulic ram goes back to the closed position.

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