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SPX FLOW hydraulic technologies are relied on for heavy lifting, controlled bolting and large-scale construction across a range of industries. SPX FLOW hydraulic technologies are used in bridge building, stadium construction and on-site in manufacturing plants. The applications of hydraulic tools are vast; therefore, SPX FLOW hydraulic engineers can assist in the development of specialized solutions to meet specific needs.

A subset of SPX FLOW hydraulic technologies are not only for use themselves but are featured in a range of industrial products. For example, SPX FLOW brand Power Team develops cylinders that are often integrated into end-products like carjacks.



Demand for wind power is increasing around the world and, with it, the need for wind turbine installations. With supply chain shortages and other issues hampering construction, companies are under increased pressure to work more efficiently. SPX FLOW is helping contractors improve work productivity and accelerate wind turbine installation with a line of tools that drive efficiency on the construction site.

SPX FLOW has developed a series of hydraulic torque wrenches and pumps for the bolting process in wind turbine installation, as well as in oil and gas pipeline installations. Bolting is a key component in the construction of wind turbines. For every wind turbine, hundreds of bolts are required for fastening tower sections, the foundation and blades. Tightening and applying final torque settings to the bolts quickly and precisely is crucial to maintaining schedules and keeping labor costs down.

“The bolting process may include the requirement to torque a couple hundred bolts at a time. The pump will run continually throughout the day to accomplish this task,” explains Leah Strohman, Power Team brand manager. An auto-cycle feature allows the torque sequence to automatically cycle the wrench until the desired torque value is reached. “Workers can tighten bolts to preset torque values by simply holding a button down during the tightening process,” Strohman says. “This allows them to reach the torque setpoint faster, further increasing efficiency.”



SPX FLOW provides several hydraulic tools and equipment specially designed for applications in the railroad industry. SPX FLOW brand, Rail Systems, manufactures switching systems and crossing barriers for the UK and international markets. With a dedicated team of engineers, SPX FLOW Rail Systems designs point operating systems to meet the demands for the international rail operations for both conventional and high-speed applications. All manufacturing takes place at the Dagenham, UK facility by highly trained personnel with a long history in the Rail Industry.

SPX FLOW brand Power Team offers the railroad edition of a universal axle journal roller bearing puller/installer for removing and installing axle journal roller bearings. The PG Series Rail Stressing Power Pack was developed specifically for opening rail-stressing jacks. Many other Power Team hydraulic solutions can be used in the rail industry in roles that require lifting, pushing, pulling and more. Included is a wide range of hydraulic and electric pumps and jacks for use in track maintenance, and hydraulic rams and portable high-tonnage air and portable jacks for use in boxcar repair.





SPX FLOW hydraulic pumps, rams, post-tensioning jacks and other equipment offer on-site solutions for demanding construction requirements. That includes new construction and renovation projects for residential and commercial facilities, bridge building and repair jobs, wind turbine construction and maintenance, shipbuilding and more. Rugged, portable hydraulic equipment can handle a variety of applications including post-tensioning, pre-stressing, structure jacking, or lifting and positioning.






High-performance hydraulic pumps, aluminum cylinders and other hydraulic, pneumatic and hand tools and accessories are integral to many processes in mining and quarrying operations ― including those underground. Despite the difficult and demanding nature of mining environments, SPX FLOW products are safe and reliable. SPX FLOW equipment commonly used in the mining and quarrying industries includes hydraulic rams, pumps, inflatable jacks and other equipment used in applications that require lifting, pushing, clamping and more. This equipment can also be used for on-site maintenance solutions for the heavy equipment used for mining and quarrying.




Bolting Systems 


Bolting Systems is a full-service global manufacturer of controlled bolting solutions, including hydraulic torque and tensioning systems, industry-specific certified training programs, system rentals, and flange management database software.

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Power Team


From hydraulic pumps, cylinders and valves to torque wrenches, clamping components and other specialty hydraulic tools, Power Team brand high-force tools and equipment are used on construction sites, in power plants, on rail lines, in shipyards, in mining operations and more. Headquartered in the United States in Rockford, Illinois, the Power Team brand is marketed globally.

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Stone originated the interchangeable integrated-module hydraulic system. The Stone brand power units are designed to solve a myriad of requirements in both fixed and mobile applications. Serving markets around the world, Stone personnel are strategically located globally positioned to serve the global marketplace.

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Globe motors are a series of compact heavy-duty radial piston air motors offering an exceptional range of control valve and output options. The motors are four- or five-cylinder radial piston design with oil bath lubrication and are designed to develop greater power than other motors of equivalent size.

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Hytec is a recognized leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Workholding devices. Our product line includes workholding devices such as clamps, work supports and cylinders, as well as power sources, valves and manual pallet systems. Our products are manufactured in Rockford, IL, USA and backed by the Powerthon Lifetime Warranty.

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SPX Rail Systems


Having become part of the SPX FLOW brand in 2001, Rail Systems transferred to a bespoke manufacturing plant in Dagenham, Essex where designs of equipment can be tested using a full-size switch layout. State of the art technology is used to allow simulation of actual conditions. All manufacturing takes place at the Dagenham Plant by highly trained personnel.

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