Point Operation

Product Type(s) : Point Operation
Description :

Clamplock point operation equipment is a signaling system used to drive, lock and detect switch rails on turnouts/switches & crossings.



As a hydraulicly actuated system, the rams drive the switch rails and the Clamplock mechanism. This system provides both reliable mechanical and hydraulic locking of the switch rail. At every stage of the switch throw from open to closed, the onboard detectors will reliably output an open or closed position which can be wired into the customer's signaling systems. As the Clamplock system is a modular design, it can be adapted to suit the majority of rail types (except tram), gauge, inclination, back drive type, insulated/non-insulated, single-double slips, diamonds etc. Key benefits:

  • Provides a direct Mechanical Lock of the closed switch rail to the stock rail. 
  • Robust and proven detection system.
  • The Clamplock Power Pack can be placed and operated from a position of safety up to 12 meters from the operational mechanism.
  • Can be manually operated from a position of safety.
  • Perfect for use in confined or restricted areas, i.e. tunnels, underground, station approach, etc.
  • A Modular design enables assemblies to be easily transported to the site.
  • Efficient swap out and setting during renewals and maintenance.
  • Designed with universal rail drillings incorporated.
  • Can be Powered via AC or DC Supply.
  • Incorporated automatic lubrication system, reducing maintenance time. 

Options for remote condition monitoring are available.

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