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Wireless Control for Power Packs

After almost 10 years of the EF-7600 & EF-7700, Stone has unveiled the new and improved version of the wireless control system.

While the existing system has proven itself to be reliable and stable, Stone, has a duty to continue to deliver on our mandate of providing highest-quality, innovative solutions to our customers.

As part of this, it’s essential that our products comply with the different regulations that exist in the many countries around the world, so that we can ensure the availability of components used to build the wireless controls, and that they remain covered by our manufacturers guaranteed irrespective of location.

In order to achieve this and continue to guarantee the continuity, availability and reliability of the systems in the future, we switched to a new radio control. This was necessary, because certain essential components became more difficult to deliver as a result of changes in technology and regulations.

In addition to the new radio control, the receiver was also changed to be yellow in color, making it more visible in factory environments. All other components and functionality remain the same: EF-7600A for the single acting version and EF-7700A for the double-acting version.

The transmitter also has a new robust housing with an even higher water and dust density value (IP67) than its predecessor (IP65). The receiver is compact and has digital outputs that are less sensitive to mechanical and electrical influences. Furthermore, the system works on the 2,4Ghz frequency so it can be used worldwide, license-free.