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W75CP Series - Double Seat Tank Outlet PMO Mix Proof Valves for Curd Processing

Product Type:
Valves / Mix Proof Valves

W75CP PMO Mix Proof Valves are for safe separation of product from CIP plus single seat-lift separation compliance.


Fully independent operation and cleaning of either the upper or lower housing is achieved due to the following:

  • 3-A PMO compliant sanitary standard 85-02 
  • M-B-357 certification for ability to clean all product contact surfaces
  • 3-A compliant


  • Same spray blocker technology as original W75CP to impinge CIP spray inside vent cavity
  • Vessel side radial seal for minimal spillage of product when valve transitioning open or closed
  • Free-draining in vertical and horizontal mount position (with tangential offset bodies)
  • Accommodates standard weld-in flanges for direct vessel connection to simplify piping and reduce floor footprint
  • Balanced stem design for resistance against hydraulic shock in pipeline
  • Metal-to-metal seat lift adjustment stop to ensure factory setting
  • Optional external flush adapter to clean vent cavity and drain port when full CIP not readily available
  • Available in 3’’ (76mm), 4’’ (102mm), and 6’’ (152mm) OD tube size


  • Product Wetted: ASTM 316L (UNS-S31603); (DIN-1.4404)
  • Non-Product: ASTM 304 (UNS-S30400); (DIN-1.4301)
  • Seat: Tri-Ring Compression Seal Upper Stem, Radial Seal Lower Stem
  • Elastomers: EPDM or FKM (Fluoroelastomer)
  • Finish: 32 Ra (0.8 m) - Other finishes available upon request.

Operating Pressure Ratings

  • 3" (76mm) O.D. Tube = 150 psig (10 bar)
  • 4" (102mm) O.D. Tube = 90 psig (6 bar)
  • 6" (152mm) O.D. Tube = 90 psig (6 bar)
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