C0 Pumps Mechanical Seal - with Brush Motor

Product Type(s) : Circulation Pumps
Description :

Heavy Duty Mechanical Seal Circulation Pumps with Brushed motors for continuous use. These centrifugal pumps are ideal for installation in recreation vehicles and buses etc for use as circulating pumps e.g. when cooling fresh water and for water in heating systems. All-round pumps that can be used wherever self-priming is not essential.



  • Limited 2 Year Warranty
  • The C0 pumps are normal-priming centrifugal pumps and should be mounted in a manner that ensures that they are always flooded or else be primed before being switched on.
  • The pumps should not be used for sea-water or other heavy soiled liquids.
Note! The pump must never be run dry.

CAUTION! Do not pump gasoline, solvents, thinners, highly concentrated or organic acids. If corrosive fluids must be handled, pump life will be prolonged if flushed with water after each use or after each work day.


Length 211 mm – 8.3"
Width 117 mm – 4.6"
Height 110 mm – 4.56" from baseplate (totally 116 mm – 4.8")
Weight 1.75 kg – 3.8 lbs

Material Specifications

Pump Body P66, Thermoplastic
Impeller P66, Thermoplastic
Shaft Stainless Steel
Shaft seal Mechanical seal
Motor 12/24V DC enclosed (as per IP31) permanent magnet, ball bearing mounted motor, designed for continuous operation
Liquid Water/glycol mixture; max. 60% glycol, fresh water


Technical Data

Liquid temp. Min. -30°C Max. +100°C (Min. -22°F Max. 212°F)
System pressure  2.0 bar max (29 psi)
Port size Ø 38 mm (1 1/2") hose


C090 Specifications

Part No. Description Capacity 0.1 bar (3.4 ftH2O)
10-24190-1 C090P5-1 12V 100 l/min at 0.1 bar (26.4 GPM)
10-24190-2 C090P5-1 24V 100 l/min at 0.1 bar (26.4 GPM)


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