In-well Aerator kit

Product Type(s) : Fishing Livewell Pumps
Description :

The easiest way to add oxygen to your live bait well. Use it as your primary aerator, or to recirculate while you’re making a long run across the bay, or if you are trailing the boat, you can stop for fuel and be aerating your catch while the boat is on the trailer.



The 500 GPH Cartridge Pump forces water through the aerating head to provide vital oxygen for respiration ensuring your bait stays fresh longer.

To empty the well at the end of the day, merely open the valve, activate the pump and water passes through a discharge fitting.

  • Capacity of the pump 500 GPH
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Water-cooled motor for long service intervals
  • Compact, all-in-one motor/impeller unit with stainless steel (SS2343) shaft
  • No tools needed for maintenance, no need for complete disassembly. You can now leave the pump casing attached to both the livewell and the hoses. 
  • Easy-to-install Dura-Port discharge ports to eliminate stress cracking caused by over-tightened hose clamps
  • Pump includes both a straight and a 90° smooth elbow Dura-Port as well as a removable check valve
  • Meets the international standard, ISO 8849 marine


Kit includes:

  • A dependable 500 GPH Cartridge Pump for forcing water through the aerating head
  • Aerating head
  • Hoses
  • Overflow discharge valve and fittings
  • Bilge Pump control panel

Technical Data

Part No. Part No. USA Description Capacity 3 ft (0.9 m) head (13.6V/27.2V) Capacity straight (13.6V/27.2V) Amperage Fuse Size
32-24014 34024 In-well Aerator kit 33 l/min - 525 GPH 40 l/min - 630 GPH 2.5 A 5 A


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