Side Entry Mixing System

Product Type(s) : Side Entry Mixers
Description :

Our BSER side entry mixer drive combines with our Forward Rake Advanced Pitch Propeller that creates a collimated flow for optimal BS&W (bottom, sediment and water) control, faster blending and energy efficiency.



RUGGED TRANSMISSION: High-torque toothed belt drives provide long and trouble-free mixer operation.

DURABLE MOTOR MOUNT: Rigid motor mounting provides better reliability and extended drive belt life.

CARTRIDGE MECHANICAL SEAL: For ease of field replacement.

UNIQUE SHUT-OFF DEVICE: Positive locking, corrosion resistant, stainless steel metal-to-metal tapered seat faces ensures ZERO leakage environmental spill risk and provides a safer work area for staff. No need to empty tank for routine maintenance. Our shutoff is rated for extended periods of time – only one shutoff method is ever required.

SWIVEL ANGLE OPTION: 60° rotation of mixer ensures the tank floor is scoured to effectively prevent BS&W build-ups. The swivel ball is sealed with a hydraulic ball seal for ZERO leakage.

STAINLESS STEEL SHAFT: This one piece design eliminates corrosion and maintains the integrity of the tank shutoff device.

SUPERIOR PROPELLER DESIGN: The Forward Rake Propeller utilizes the latest technology in propeller design. The patented geometry creates a stronger collimated flow across the tank to produce up to a 40% improvement in efficiency.

MOTOR OPTIONS: IEC/NEMA Frames, Arctic Duty, Explosion Proof, Chemical Duty, Tropical Duty, UL, CUL or CSA Motors, IEEE 841, ATEX.

RAPID AND ECONOMIC MAINTENANCE: Deep groove ball bearings mounted on sleeves protect the shaft from damage during operation and maintenance. These bearings have a minimum L-10 bearing life of 60,000 hours.

FIXED ANGLE DESIGN: The BSER is also available in fixed angle configurations for blending applications.

AUTOMATIC SWIVEL OPTION: Allows the mixer to be automatically adjusted to desired angles without manual adjustment.