Our Solutions

As a leader in nutrition, health and industrial process solutions, our innovations are most commonly behind the scenes, but critical to everyday life. Solution City represents the many ways our team members, or solution makers as we call them, are shaping our lives and improving the world — from electronic vehicles of the future to nutritious fruit juices and purees in your morning smoothie. 

With more than 140,000 products and 800 patents on expertise that make our products stand apart, like 340 years of combined mixing experience or APV’s Aseptic pigging technology, we’re working every day to deliver the innovations our customers need to be successful. 

We’re committed to leading by example to make our world safer, healthier and more sustainable. In turn, we work with companies to deliver on their own sustainability goals as well, including water consumption, energy efficiency, emissions and waste. 

Solution City represents just how many ways we already touch the lives of people around the world, but we’re not satisfied with the status quo. Innovation — and the solutions that come from it — is part of our DNA. This city never sleeps. 

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