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As an SPX FLOW brand, Lightnin serves the challenging waste and water treatment sector, as well as the processing of solvents, fertilizers, food/beverages, pharmaceuticals and biofuels. The mixers and agitators, that are custom designed and fabricated, are used for equalization, neutralization, flocculation, aeration, sludge mixing, flash mixing and general blending purposes. The Lightnin industrial mixer portfolio covers both portable and larger fixed-mount units. All Lightnin equipment is designed to provide prolonged trouble-free operation regardless of the specific application demands. Through the proprietary gearbox and impeller technologies developed in recent times, we can offer the market advanced mixing solutions that are far more compact and power-efficient than ever before. They also have significantly greater operational lifespans, thanks to anti-fouling mechanisms and other state-of-the-art features. Consequently, customers are able to raise their productivity levels and avoid costly downtime issues, while also keeping the energy consumption involved to an absolute minimum.


Lightnin and Plenty Inventory Solutions

Lightnin and Plenty process engineers a well-equipped to streamline and recommend a focused inventory stock to reduce functional cost.

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Lightnin Consulting Services

The SPX FLOW Lightinin consulting services are designed for detailed industrial mixing process solution development.

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Lightnin Commissioning

Proper installation is vital to the long-term performance and life of your SPX FLOW Lightnin mixing equipment.

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Research And Development

SPX FLOW draws on 100 years of experience in the research and development to design products.

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Impeller Technologies

Fluid mixing is a key operation in the design of many processes. Proper impeller selection allows for an optimized mixer selection by minimizing both power and torque.

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Innovation and Design Centers

SPX FLOW Innovation and Design Centers provide a state-of-the-art, collaborative space for customers to test, develop and perfect their critical manufacturing processes.

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Aftermarket Services

SPX FLOW brands each offer a diverse set of aftermarket services are calibrated to promote the longevity, productivity and optimization of SPX FLOW processes.

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Genuine Spare Parts

SPX FLOW genuine spare parts are the result of over a century’s testing, development and manufacturing refinement.

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Manufacturing Facilities

SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities, located across the world, specializing in constructing custom process solutions, precisely fit to a customer’s demand.

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Food Processing

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Beverage Processing

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Personal Care

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Oil and Gas

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Chemical Processing

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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Mixing & Blending

SPX FLOW application engineers develop customized mixing and blending solutions to the specific process needs of a customer.

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Certified Pump Repair - DISTRIBUTORS ONLY

Location : Delavan, WI USA
Dates : Mar 10 - Mar 12

Centrifuges Hands-on Training

Location : Santorso, Italy
Dates : Feb 17 - Feb 20

Certified training in service and trouble shooting. Topics include: Requirements for installation, Commissioning of the equipment and electrical/signal exchange check, Manual reading, troubleshooting, maintenance step explanation and Start-up of the equipment, Mechanical maintenance, Bowl maintenance (Specific for centrifuges) Registration Deadline: January 31, 2020
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SPX FLOW Webinar - The Science of Industrial Mixing
SPX FLOW Webinar: Mixing Viscous Fluids