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SPX FLOW’s Anhydro brand specializes in supplying the latest evaporation and drying equipment - with a comprehensive array of liquid concentration and powder processing solutions. This equipment is employed by customers within the dairy, food/beverage, healthcare, industrial chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, in order to process a wide range of substances. These include detergents, fats/oils, milk/cream, cattle feed, starch, enzymes, plastics, dyes/pigments and ethanol. Leveraging proprietary technology, our energy-efficient dryers (spray, fluid bed and spin flash) can tackle the toughest powder-based applications. Customers are thereby able to depend on consistent levels of product granularity and moisture content, with little or no impact being made on the coloring, flavoring or aroma characteristics. Likewise, our evaporators (falling film and forced circulation) are pivotal in extending product storage periods and reducing product volume (for easier shipment). Thanks to built-in automated process control features, customers benefit from end-to-end traceability. This allows them to have ongoing confidence in the content of their products and to safeguard against the risk of product withdrawals.. Finally, our first-class technical team and testing facilities means we can provide a multitude of services that will maximize the operational lifespan of installed equipment. As a result, high levels of productivity and energy savings can be attained and the cost of maintenance/repair activities kept in check.


Spray Dryer Upgrade and Rebuild

Are you getting the most out of your Investment? SPX FLOW helps you maximize the return on your spray drying assets by untapping the hidden potential in your dryer plant.

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Genuine OEM Parts

SPX FLOW genuine spare parts are the result of over a century’s testing, development and manufacturing refinement.

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Innovation and Design Centers

SPX FLOW Innovation and Design Centers provide a state-of-the-art, collaborative space for customers to test, develop and perfect their critical manufacturing processes.

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Research And Development

SPX FLOW draws on 100 years of experience in the research and development to design products.

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Beverage Processing

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Chemical Processing

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Dairy Processing

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Food Processing

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