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Philadelphia Mixing Solutions was acquired by SPX FLOW in May 2021 combining two of North America’s leading mixing solutions providers.

With operations in Palmyra, Pennsylvania and Houston, Texas in the United States; Newbury, United Kingdom; and Pune, India, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions provides innovative products, technical services and field support to customers around the world. Backed by 65 years of industry experience and with a rich tradition of technology going back to our roots with the original Philadelphia Gear Corporation, our company’s research and development teams use cutting edge testing and process modeling to create unique mixing solutions to meet the individual customer requirements.


Mixer Modernization & Reliability

Optimize Equipment and Maximize Productivity.

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Premier Service Centers

Premier Service Centers

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Manufacturing Facilities

SPX FLOW manufacturing facilities, located across the world, specializing in constructing custom process solutions, precisely fit to a customer’s demand.

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Impeller Technologies

Fluid mixing is a key operation in the design of many processes. Proper impeller selection allows for an optimized mixer selection by minimizing both power and torque.

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Research And Development

SPX FLOW draws on 100 years of experience in the research and development to design products.

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Oil and Gas

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Chemical Processing

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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Mixing & Blending

SPX FLOW application engineers develop customized mixing and blending solutions to the specific process needs of a customer.

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