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Our work is technical, our customer’s challenges are complex and we pride ourselves on finding innovative and sustainable solutions. We’re based in Charlotte, N.C., with operations in more than 30 nations and sales in more than 140 countries. Our landmark facilities are Innovation Centers, which are located around the globe. These state-of-the-art collaboration labs are where we partner with leading nutrition, health and industrial manufacturers, bringing together trusted brands and technologies to meet new consumer expectations and anticipate industry trends. The result: new standards of quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness, as well as safety and sustainability. We’ve been a standalone company since 2015, but our roots date back more than a century.


We pioneered homogenizers, which explains how we help customers make products that meet the growing demand for enhanced nutritional and plant-based products. We partner with customers to extend the shelf life of milk, creams and processed cheese without losing nutritional value, flavor or appearance. From ketchup and yogurt to your favorite detergent and hand sanitizer, our pumps are the foundation of a processing system, ensuring the highest quality of product from creation to consumer. We also make mixers, valves, separators and heat exchangers to help produce customized solutions safely, sustainably and consistently.

Our Precision Solutions team’s work ranges from designing technologies for building bridges and stadiums to processing raw materials and chemical elements needed to make batteries for electric vehicles. During Covid-19, we worked around the clock to ensure our mixers and evaporators helped companies manufacture the vaccine at a record pace. We partner with a range of customers. Some are in the mining and marine industries, others are chemical and construction companies and some need to treat either water or air. Our industrial process solutions include compressed air dryers, mixers, pumps, hydraulic technologies and heat exchangers. 


5,000 Employees
140,000+ Products
800+ Patents
20+ Brands



Meet Juan


Meet Juan, a 10-year veteran. He started with us in high school before becoming a fulltime employee. We helped him go back to school and now, as he's grown with the company, it was one of the smartest investments we've made.


Meet Trisha


Meet Trisha, who builds pumps people use in the food industry every day. She describes the good environment, the good people, the good pay ... and even the good exercise.




Our leadership team is committed to acting responsibly and providing objective, informed guidance and governance. We respect and value the trust of our shareholders, team members, business partners and the public, prioritizing the safe, ethical and effective management of our company.

Global Presence

With operations in more than 30 countries and sales in 140, we're truly a global company. Our manufacturing sites, innovation centers and service centers in the Americas, Europe/Middle East and Asia/Pacific regions ensure we can meet our customers' needs, wherever they may be.

Genuine Spare Parts

Because the smallest difference in the tensile strength or dimension of a spare part could have a significant impact on the efficiency, yield and health of your machinery, we manufacture our replacement parts to the exact specifications as the original.

Innovation and Design Centers

We have more than 25 Innovation and Design Centers worldwide. These state-of-the-art collaborative spaces are where we design new products, develop technologies and work with customers to build, test and perfect their critical manufacturing processes.