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Gerstenberg Schröder

SPX FLOW's brand Gerstenberg Schröder (GS) specializes in process solutions for all kinds of crystallized, churned, and emulsified food products as well as products that require thermal treatment within the Dairy, Fats & Oils and Processed Food industries. These applications include margarine, shortening, butter, spreadable butter products, fat-sugar, cream-fillings for biscuits, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, dressings etc.

With installations in over 120 countries around the world, we supply an extensive portfolio of processing equipment and processing systems that form part of modern production lines. These include high-pressure pumps, scraped surface heat exchangers, pasteurizers, pin rotor machines, continuous butter making machines, emulsifying machines, and automation systems. Combining over a century of experience with the technologically advanced expertise of our engineering staff, we are able to offer equipment and systems that deliver exceptional performance with considerable energy and operating savings. What’s more, by collaborating with each customer and taking advantage of our fully equipped innovation centers we gain a mutual understanding of your specific requirements and help you overcome your specific production challenges.

Pilot plant trials allow new processes to be assessed and refined before full scale ramp-up saving costly mistakes and downtime as does preventative maintenance training which ensures maximum life is achieved on the installed equipment.

Gerstenberg Schröder
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Gerstenberg Schröder Margarine Seminar - September 2021

Location: Søborg Denmark
Dates: Sep 07 - Sep 10

The objective of the seminar is to train the personnel in principles and practices of crystallization of fats and oils.

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