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Anhydro® SmartDry™ System

The Anhydro SmartDry System optimizes your spray dryer – increases yields and improves every facet of your production through self-regulating, “plug-and-produce” automation.

Optimize Your Spray Dryer With Revolutionary Automation

In a world where precision, quality and efficiency are paramount, we proudly introduce the Anhydro SmartDry™ System — an innovation poised to transform spray drying. As hygienic standards continue to advance, you need innovation that prioritizes product quality while meeting these changes in standards. The Anhydro SmartDry™ System is a revolutionary solution, offering self-regulating capabilities and weather-independent optimization, enhancing every facet of your production.

  • SmartDry™ is an optional add-on used to provide moisture control optimization for both the dryer chamber and multiple fluid beds of a typical spray drying installation. 
  • It eliminates moisture variability from production, typically caused by seasonal variances and weather conditions. 
  • By removing this variability, we achieve: 
    • Better quality product 
    • Improvements in production capacity 
    • Increased runtimes between CIPs due to reduced fouling (i.e., reduced number of CIPs) 
    • Reduced exhaust temperatures, reducing energy consumption. 
Key Applications
  • Dairy Processing 
  • Food Processing  
  • Chemical Powder Processing 

An ultra-compact, fanless edge gateway with dual LAN, dual Mini DisplayPorts, Intel® Quad-Core processing.

  • Quad-Core Intel Celeron J3455 processor
  • Dual LAN
  • 8 GB Dual-Channel Memory

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